Glass Balcony Systems

Your guidebook for glass balcony systems...

Glass balcony systems, also known as glass balustrades or glass railing systems, are modern and stylish solutions for enclosing balconies while maintaining an open and unobstructed view. They typically consist of glass panels supported by metal or stainless steel posts, handrails, or clamps. These systems offer several advantages, including enhancing the aesthetics of the building, providing safety by acting as a barrier, and allowing natural light to penetrate the space. Glass balcony systems can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and design preferences of the balcony, offering a sleek and contemporary look that complements any architectural style. 

We supply and fit a range of glass balcony systems, including; 

Upon our free inspection our on site installation team will help you asses the right fit for your property. We can supply and/or install our glass balustrades and balcony systems to the Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales areas. Why not arrange your free quotation today? Feel free to contact us below!

Just a few different balcony systems that we have installed for our customers... 

Frameless external glass balcony. 

Infinity system glass balcony.

We finished this frameless glass balcony in Clady a few months ago, and is one of our favourite to date! Using 17.5mm toughened laminated glass and our frameless track system.

Stainless steel post system with handrail. 

Post system glass balcony.

This beautiful post system baloney was installed in Heswall, with one fantastic view of Wales! We opted for the handrail on this one to securely tie our balcony into the building as we fixed down into timber for our stainless steel posts. Finishing with 10mm toughened clear safety glass.

Juliette easy glaze glass balcony. 

Juliette balcony system.

Our easy glaze Juliette glass balcony system is our most popular system when it comes to loft extensions to date. With loft extensions getting more and more popular, and customers wanting to open up their space with double or triple doors our toughened laminated glass balcony system doesn't obstruct any view with no handrail needed.   

Easy glaze Juliette glass balcony system.

Easy glaze glass balcony.

The view from the inside of a Juliette easy glaze glass balcony we installed in Moreton. If only the sky was that colour all year round!

External post system.

Post system glass balcony.

Our post system external glass balcony doesn't always need a hand rail. This customer in New Brighton opted for 12.4mm toughened laminated glass. The toughened laminated glass is a safety feature. If one or even both panels brake the plastic interlayer keeps the glass in place.

Internal frameless glass balcony. 21.5mm toughened laminated glass.

Internal infinity system with glass.

This stunning frameless glass balcony was installed on this staircase landing in Penton. Our customer opted for 21.5mm toughened laminated glass. Using wall clamps ether side for extra stability.  

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